Thank you for evaluating ProfitScore as a manager of your investment capital. Whether you are a broker, advisor, mutual fund company, or institutional investor there are multiple ways to access our portfolios. We're looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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Institutional Investments

ProfitScore has a long tradition of partnering with financial services firms. These arrangements range from providing new investment styles to your existing offerings to providing a full portfolio management unit on an outsource basis.

Whether you are a mutual fund, hedge fund, swap provider, trustee, or professional adviser, ProfitScore would welcome an opportunity to discuss how we could customize one of our investment strategies to meet your exact needs.

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Managed Accounts

Separately Managed Accounts are available for some of our investment strategies. Account minimum is 10 million US dollars but can be larger depending on the investment strategy deployed.

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Our Sub-Advisory Service creates a partnership with your institution to provide ProfitScore’s investment expertise, while leaving the client-facing duties squarely with you – our partner. It is your brand, your logo, and your client. Adoption of ProfitScore’s Sub-Advisory Services allows you to focus your resources on client acquisition, relationship management and client retention while we supply the investment expertise.

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Pooled Investments

Some of ProfitScore’s investment portfolios are available through hedge funds, swaps, and mutual funds. Product offerings vary by investment strategy. Account minimums are low, liquidity is frequent, and the transparency to investment holdings is available.

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